About Guaranteed Horse Products

The team behind effective, non-toxic, natural horse products with Guaranteed Horse Products.

It Comes Naturally

Our Family's Story

More than a decade ago, our mom, Laura Gentile, set out to create an all-natural fly spray designed to be both effective on horses and safe for the riders applying it. Unhappy with the toxic products on the market for fly relief, rain rot and thrush, she began researching and creating products to use on her own horse, Forte. 

After receiving many requests from friends in the equine field, Laura began giving out prototypes of her products —and the results were incredible! She realized there was a real need for these products in the equine marketplace and thus, Guaranteed Horse Products, LLC was born. 

What started as a personal quest turned into a deep passion that we are proud to carry on today. With Angela’s background in English and Bobby’s love for endurance riding, we are excited about the future of Guaranteed Horse Products and its entire product line. Our goals are consistent with our mom’s: to provide high quality, effective equine care products to horses and the people who love them.