Five Reasons to Visit Sand Hill Stables | Customer Spotlight

Five Reasons to Visit Sand Hill Stables | Customer Spotlight

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Betsy Shaw, manager of Sand Hill Stables for the last eight years, about her farm located in Northeast Ohio. Betsy and her mother are longtime equestrians, and much like our story, set out to create something they couldn’t find anywhere else. 

This space has it all and here’s why you need to visit next time you’re in the area: 

1. The Community: Betsy has led the way in creating an incredibly supportive community at Sand Hill Stables. With 130-acres to explore, they’ve designed a space that fosters a sense of community, and gives a lot of space for riders. On the weekends, they host group trail rides for boarders to get together, catch up, and support one another. The implementation of a relaxed environment and strong community is felt by all who visit.

Manager of Sand Hill Stables

2. The Experience: Sand Hill Stables offers many events year-round, along with activities to involve and introduce folks to the equine world. Betsy provided more insight into the events they host:

    • Every summer Sand Hill Stables offers a summer camp for children. This camp introduces kids to horselife, such as grooming and barn chores, horseback riding, and playing on the farm. This provides a great opportunity for children to get involved with horses, have fun, and gain firsthand equestrian experience. 
    • For explorers who enjoy adventures, Sand Hill Stables also offers donkey treks. This experience allows people to hike with donkeys throughout the trails on a sprawling 130-acre property, and spend time with them around the farm. Betsy’s next goal is to get packs for her donkeys to carry picnic gear to a scenic spot on the farm for lunch.
    • In addition to summer camps and donkey treks, Betsy hosts an annual Easter egg hunt. The local community comes out and is able to meet all of the animals. This fantastic event is a great way to introduce people to horses and is something many look forward to each year!  
    • Not to mention the lesson program Betsy developed years ago. Sand Hill has a lesson director who runs the program now and is able to offer private and group lessons. 

3. The Care: When Betsy and her mom started Sand Hill Stables 15 years ago, they had planned on it being a boarding farm with 24 horses.

She said 24 quickly grew to now 45 animals that call Sand Hill Stables home. With that comes a great deal of care that Betsy pours

into making this space one that is exactly what they set out to achieve. The horses have ample turnout space, proper fencing, and intentional pasture rotation. The vision of their farm has evolved into a thriving safe haven where many animals now call home.

4. The Intention: Sand Hill Stables prioritizes animals and people at their farm,committing to using environmentally friendly products. Betsy shared that she avoids using harsh chemicals around their property, on their horses, and around the people who come to her barn.

Sand Hill Stables uses Fly Bye! Plus because it meets their expectations as a product and fly spray. Betsy is a longtime Fly Bye!

Plus user, and was one of the first to adopt Guaranteed Horse Products refill program to meet the high demand of her barn. She mentioned the refill station is extremely convenient and with the many animals on her farm, she needs a large supply of fly spray. With GHP’s refill program, she said it’s been extremely cost and time efficient, while also providing peace of mind. 

5. The Property: Betsy said one of her favorite things about Sand Hill Stables, along with boarders and visitors, is the beautiful views it offers from up on the hill. It’s removed from the roads and has an organic feel with the variety of wildlife on the property. From owls, rabbits, birds and deer, Betsy said it’s a neat, organic vibe. 

While Sand Hill Stables has grown into even more than Betsy and her mom originally planned, it doesn’t mean they are stopping there. Whether you plan to visit now or later, it is surely a place to put on your must visit list in 2023. 

To contact Sand Hill Stables,  reach out to 330-221-8819! 

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