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Fly Bye! Plus Shampoo 16 oz

Fly Bye! Plus 16oz Shampoo is designed to enhance your horse's natural beauty by deep cleaning, conditioning and finishing with a brilliant, non-slick shine while protecting against flies during and after washing. Moisturizing coconut and soothing Aloe infused with our proprietary Fly Bye Plus formula provides complete cleaning and protection for your horse.


  •       CLEAN, SHINE AND SHIELD your horse during and after bathing
  •       Biodegradable and environmentally resposible
  •       BPA/BHA and Paraben-Free
  •       Great for horses, dogs, goats and sheep
  •       Integrated with Fly Bye! Plus to protect from flies during and after washing
  •       Manufactured in the United States
  •       Cruelty free product
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Fly Bye! Plus Shampoo 16 oz
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