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• Provides ultimate insect defense for your horse against Flies, Gnats, Mosquitos, and Ticks
• Natural fly control free of pyrethrins and permethrins
• Combats insects and pests on a molecular level
• Biodegradable and environmentally responsible
• Use for horses, dogs, goats, sheep, chickens and animals commonly found on farms
• Wide spray dispersal designed to efficiently coat your horse with Fly Bye! Plus
• Industrious bottle and sprayer designed for longevity and ease of use
• Use as a premises spray to repel insects from areas in the barn, doorways, porches and decks
• Manufactured in the United States
• Cruelty free product
• Water-based formula

Directions: Shake well prior to use. No dilution necessary. Always test patch prior to full application. Only apply when animal is DRY.

Treatment: Brush thoroughly to remove excess dust and dirt. Spray directly on coat prior to riding, showing, or turning out. Avoid applying to eyes, nose and sensitive areas. If product gets in eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with plenty of water. Some animals may be sensitive to ingredients used in this product. If skin irritation develops, wash thoroughly.

Proprietary Soybean Oil Ester Blend ... 6.25%
Geranium Oil ... 0.16%
Inert Ingredients ... 93.59%
Purified Water

Keep away from heat, flames, and sparks. Protect from freezing and direct sunlight. Recommended storage temperature 40° F - 80° F. Please recycle or keep container & REFILL. Recommended shelf life 24 months.

Caution: For external and animal use only. Do not use with other topical products. Keep out of reach of children.

Fly Bye! Plus 32 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kristy Lewis

I've tried everything, I mean everything, and nothing works like Fly Bye does! This stuff is INCREDIBLE! I recommend it to everyone at our barn!

Brooke Miller
great product!

This repels flies and isn't full of scary ingredients

michelle snyder

Absolutely love this product and the roll on is amazing for the face

It worked…until it didn’t

Fly Bye! worked great the first time I used it. My horses went from constantly stomping their feet and swishing their tails to calmly grazing. Unfortunately, it did not last beyond ~4 hours. Maybe it needs to be reapplied? I was disappointed that the sprayer nozzle produces only the same type of spray pattern as your average window cleaner. That spray pattern, in my opinion, is less effective at quickly covering a horse than the wide fan spray patterns other commercially available fly sprays offer. In addition, when I tried to use it a second time the sprayer nozzle refused to dispense more than a tiny drop even after confirming the spray head opening was unobstructed and undamaged. I may try it again after I finish up the bottle of competitor spray and repurpose their sprayer.

Hi Sheri, thank you so much for your feedback! We are disappointed to hear about your experience and would like to help. We have followed up with an email directly to you as we would like to send another fly spray bottle out to you free of charge to try again! We look forward to hearing back from you. Please let us know if you need anything else!